Mini Abdominoplasty - Mini Tummy Tuck with J-Plasma

Abdominoplasty combined with liposuction and External Skin tightening:


If your skin laxity and muscle weakness problems are limited to the area below the belly button, you may be a good candidate for a no-cutting-abdominoplasty. This is a surgery with a short or minimal scar with faster healing time (shorter down time). Also the belly button will not be removed during this procedure. The scars of the mini-tummy tuck are permanent but definetly much shorter than the standard abdominoplaty.


This technique solves the problems of only the lower abdomen and usually performed in younger women who develop a skin excess or bulging problem after pregnancy and delivery. 

After the J Plasma treatment the skin will be more elastic and tightens itself during the following 2-3 months following the surgery.