"A Pioneer in Progress"

        Dr Saylan is the "Surgeon teaching Surgeons" and he is known by his peers as one of the most skilled facial plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Europe and in the USA. Dr Saylan has been at the forefront of advances in Facial, Breast and Body surgery throughout his career, including S-Lift (The Saylan Face Lift), Posterior Neck Lift and the Internal Titanium Bra against Breast sagging.


        He has received his German Board in General Surgery and Traumatology at the University of Gottingen. After becoming a General Surgeon, he has spent two further years at the Bremen Central Hospital training on Cosmetic Face, Body, Hand and Breast Surgery. He also gained extensive experience in facial surgery as he has visited the Graduate hospital in Philadelphia, USA and Breast surgery during his training with Dr Adrian Aiache in Beverly Hills.

        Dr. Ziya Saylan is a pioneer and founder in the field of face lift surgery with the S-Face Lift (so called Saylan Lift which sutures the facial muscle to the cheek bones and achieves a much more natural looking of the face), His innovation, the posterior Neck lift where the entire neck will be undermined and anchored behind the ears will correct the neck which was neglected until now. Also the platysma notching, cutting the visible anterior neck bands was improved by Dr. Ziya Saylan, and all this surgery are performed all over the world by a large number of doctors who have been personally trained by him.

        In 1994, Dr Saylan has founded the “Saylan Cosmetic Surgery Clinic” in Dusseldorf Germany and his clinic has become to serve as a school for the plastic, cosmetic surgeons and the aestheticians from around the world in conjunction with the European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Since 20 years Dr. Saylan organizes and directs international workshops and congresses on facial, breast and body surgical techniques and breakthroughs.

Dr. Saylan strives for natural looking facial rejuvenation and breast surgery, integrating aesthetics & surgical skill to produce pleasing results for each individual. He is also a fellow of the American Society of Breast Surgeons and a “so called” breast surgeon in the USA.

His surgical techniques and advancements have been featured in many interviews in American, German media outlets such as CNN International, ZDF, RTL, CBS-TV, NTV and Washington DC’s cable news channel. He has also appeared in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Washington Post, Bild, Daily Mail and in many newspapers.

        Dr. Ziya Saylan is the creator of S-Face Lift, Liposhifting for correction of the post liposuction irregularities (Badly done liposuctions), Posterior neck lift and the designer of the Saylan liposuction cannulas sold all over the world which performs a safe and an effective liposuction.

        Dr Saylan has made invaluable contributions in many areas of facial and breast surgery, pioneering surgical and non-surgical procedures. He has published books, many scientific articles, abstracts in prestigious peer- reviewed medical journals, delivered over 500 congress presentations, invited lectures, workshops, panel presentations and instructional courses.

        Since 2009 he is involved in Stem cell research and treatments in combination with the International Stem Cell Research Society and the The New York Stem Cell Foundation.

        Since June 2019 he is working as a Consultant General Cosmetic Surgeon at Everlast Wellness Medical Center in Abu Dhabi and operating as a visiting Plastic Surgeon at the Mediclinic Hospital Airport Road, Abu Dhabi.