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Chemical Peeling: Exoderm

Exoderm is actually the only real anti aging and a long term prevention treatment in the world so far, the original peel is the only deep peel that can be done all over the neck area as well as eyelids that prevents the droop of skin and increases the level of Collagen and the Elastin by about  90%, good for any age from 18 - 80. 


Most patients see vast improvement resulting in skin clarity, erasure of deep lines and acne scars, and tightened pores. Although this technique will not lift the underlying structure of the face, it has proven to be a very satisfying non-surgical alternative to traditional face lifts and more invasive skin treatments.

Long term sun exposure, combined with the process of aging, deteriorates the basic structure of skin. Signs of this deterioration appear as wrinkles, pigmented spots, skin laxity and uneven complexion. None of these problems are corrected effectively with commercially available creams and lotions.


The purpose of Exoderm is to reverse signs of aging and sun damage with long lasting results. It is an exclusively formulated phenol based solution composed of 12 ingredients. This unique solution stimulates and realigns skin collagen and elastic fibers, generating a new internally lifted and tightened skin.


Exoderm Lift is performed under intravenous sedation anesthesia. It is not a surgical procedure, therefore there is no cutting or stitching. Patients can resume their normal activities after 8-12 days. Results vary by patient due to skin type, age, and skin texture.

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