Filling the Nasolabial Folds



Materials that can be injected into or under the skin to reduce or eliminate the wrinkles or depressions are called " Dermal Fillaers", and they work by adding volume to the tissue.


The underlying tissue that keeps your skin plumped up begins to thin and break down as you age. Smiling and frown lines sudenly become permanent creases and marks of facial aging. The areas we mostlytreat with fillers are:

- Frown lines between the eyebrows

- Nasolabial folds (Folds between the nose and the cheeks)

- Upper lip lines (Smoker lines)

- Lines at the corners of the mouth (Marionette lines)

- Wrinkles outside the lateral eye corners (Crow's feet)

- Lip enlargeme

- Correction of nose humps and hollows (Rhinoplasty with fillers so called "Medical Rhinoplasty")

- Volumizing the cheeks (Cheek enlargement)

- Chin augmentation (Mentoplasty with fillers)

Fillers are best used when you want only a small number of wrinkles or depressions filled; filling in a lot of wrinkles is cost prohibitive. Some type of chemical peel or laser surfacing is a better solution in this case. Another common use of long lasting fillers is the lip, chin and cheek enlargement (augmentation) with fillers.

Filling the Frown lines. Undermining. (Cutting/Subcision and filling with Hyaluronic acid. NO BOTOX