Neck Liposuction

At the beginning neck Liposuctioning was considered as an adjunct to facelifts. Nowadays small procedures are very common and the patients visit the doctors at the early stages of the facial sagging so that the submental liposuction is used to postpone the fascial or neck lifting.


Even when there is a clear indication for a face lift, some patients prefer to start with the neck liposuction and then want to have the other adjunct surgeries one after each other. This is called among us as “Serial Face Lift”.


After the infiltration of the local anaesthesia the doctor must mould (massage) the neck and the face to distribute the epinephrine, lidocaine solution evenly and wait until the blanch effect “the white skin color” (vasoconstriction) occurs.       


The appearance of the sagging and submental collection of fat can be improved with a simple neck liposuction. It must be combined with every facelift if a submental fullness is present. At the same time the chin can be augmented by using the suctioned fat, semi-permanent fillers or chin implants.


Dr. Ziya Saylan performs this technique in younger patients combined with Vaser Liposuction and Neck Skin Rightening with J Plasma (Renuvion) and call it as a “The Closed Neck Lift” and achieve much better results in compare to old techniques.


Submental liposuction alone is not a good option for elder patients with a lot of excess skin and fat deposits of the neck.


The purpose of this procedure is to achieve satisfactory restoration of the cervico-mental angle. This is accomplished through three small stab incisions under both earlobes and an incision under the chin followed by the submental liposuction

Benefits of Neck JPlasma tightening combined with Liposuction:

  • Eliminate loose, sagging skin

  • Restore definition around the jaw and chin

  • Eradicate that jowly appearance

  • Achieve a more youthful, contoured appearance