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BOTCHED LIPOSUCTION. Can it be Corrected?

When your liposuction does not produce the result which you hope for, this can be a significant source of distress. Undesirable results after liposuction can occur for several reasons. Patients may not have been suitable candidates for the procedure in the first place. In other cases, the surgeon did not have the appropriate skills and experience to carry out the procedure to the proper standards.

Whatever the cause of botched liposuction, you may be able to achieve satisfactory results with a liposhifting. Having a consultation with Dr. Ziya Saylan, the inventor of Liposhifting you will learn will allow a detailed clinical assessment to assess the extent of the liposuction deformity, followed by customized recommendations on the most appropriate treatment. 

In some cases, corrective surgery may not be possible due to the severe nature of the deformities in one session. More than one liposhiftings may be necessary. In most cases, Dr. Ziya Saylan will in combination with different surgical techniques will improve the badly done liposuction results. 

In some cases, the results of liposuction which went wrong may not be immediately obvious straight after the procedure. It may take several months once bruising and swelling have gone down to observe the procedure’s results. But sometimes, immediate signs of a disaster may be visible straight after surgery.


The signs of botched Liposuction are:

1. Hollows due to the overcorrections (Too much fat removed).

2. Marking in standing, liposuction while lying down. Fat dislocated.

2. Uneven skin with dimpling and humps (Fat leftovers).

3. Skin lumpiness and dimpling from insufficient fat removal. (Wrong liposuction cannulas).

4. Skin discoloration due to an excess bleeding (bruising) which may disappear after a while.

5. Increased skin laxity (loose skin). Using Renuvion (Jplasma) will partially avoid this possibility instantly or during the following weeks of the liposuction.

6. Skin burns from excessive heat produced by ultrasonic, laser or radiofrequency devices. The skin protectors are not used properly which burns the skin. 


If any of the clinical features above apply to you, it may be possible that you may be experiencing a botched (bad) liposuction. You should first consult with Dr. Ziya Saylan. The surgeon who carried out your liposuction may not be able to correct his mistake. First wait few months until the damage will be more visible. Afterwards arrange a consultation with us and review the bad results of your procedure and your dissatisfaction with your liposuction.

If you are unhappy with your liposuction result, liposhifting may be a suitable treatment option in partially or fully correction of your problems.


If you’ve had liposuction elsewhere and are unhappy with the result, you must know that there is no guarantee for a safe liposuction. As experienced liposuction surgeons, we have started to ask ourselves “Is there a perfect liposuction?” As the former president of “The German Liposuction Society” (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Fettabsagung e.V.) our surveys that time shown us that 21% were not happy with their results and 12% does not seek for a correction. 

The cannula plays also a role at the formation of a disaster. Especially the vibrating cannulas and the ultrasound cannulas behave like a large cannula as we were using 20 years ago, this ends up large tunnels. American call it as “Mountains and Valleys”.  

Liposhifting will shift the mountains into the valleys!

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