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Get , bright and full lips. As you age you may loose a volume of your lips and sagging of the lip corners (Sad looking lips)

A lip surgery removes the skin of the lip corners in order to straighten your reverse banana shaped mouth. As we age our upper lip becomes longer and hangs down. By means of a skin excision above the lips and inside the nose the upper lip will be lifted. Dr. Ziya performs lip lifting surgery alone or combined with other facial surgeries such as S-facelift, neck lift, brow lift or buccal fat extractions.

He prefers blunt cannulas to fill the lips which will cause less bruising  and swelling. 

The purpose of cannula (blunt needle) technique is to reduce the amount of injury to the lip, which results in less swelling and less bruising. With a blunt needle through the skin (mouth corner) a lip filler injection can be truly a “walk-in, walk out” treatment with less downtime. 

You may need a lip lifting surgery if you have:
- Sagging of the lip corners
- Your upper lip gets longer so that your upper teeth are not visible any more. 

Additionaly, when using a cannula Dr. Ziya can feel the tissue much better which enables him to find the right plane to work with.

Note: Some of the pictures are computer imaging which are not results following surgeries. They will give you only an idea about the surgery.
Shorten the upper lip (Surgery)
Lip corner lift 2.jpg
Surgery: Corner Lift
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Lip corner lift 3c.jpg
Beautiful Lips 3 copy.jpg
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