Liposhifting: Correction of bad Liposuction results

Even with skilled doctors, there is still room for mistakes that could potentially make the liposuction patients unhappy. The uneven skin is the most common complication seen in liposuction patients. The inappropriate application of the liposuction cannulas, working with inadequate pumps and devices, excess fat suctioning and too superficial liposuction are main reason for the post liposuction irregularities.


As practiced today, fat transfer to treat post-liposuction irregularities does not always achieve optimal and long-lasting corrections. After a few months, a grossly detectable amount of the injected fat disappears; some patients complain about the development of new concavities at the fat harvesting site.


Dr. Ziya Saylan invented the treating of post-liposuction imperfections by shifting the fat under the skin into the irregularities without suctioning, air contact, or fat injections which enables he fat to survive much better than the injections.


“The Liposhifting” or so called fat shifting, developed by Dr. Saylan is a method of treating of the uneven skin following liposuctions by shifting the fat under the skin subcutaneously without suctioning, air contact, or injections.


This method improves survival of the adipose tissue by avoiding damage or application of excessive force to the cells. The technique is limited to treatments of irregularities in the extremities and abdominal wall—sites that provide a large surface area and are sufficiently distant from the joints to ensure stable conditions and optimal fixation.


Fat shifting and fat injections of the small irregularities and some of the larger irregularities are the only two methods of eliminating irregularities of the skin and subcutaneous fat in the extremities and abdominal wall caused by liposuction.


Fat shifting is non-air contact procedures and provide added safety because contamination of the fat transfer by air contact is not possible, and no special instruments or training is required. Liposhifting can effectively improve post-liposuction imperfections in the skin and underlying tissue of the extremities and abdominal wall.



Liposhifting is the only method to eliminate larger irregularities of the skin and the underlying tissue caused by liposuction. It is practical and safe because a contamination of the fat transplant via air contact is not possible. It needs a special training and special instruments. The fixation of the liposhifted part of the body for one week is very important to stabilize the shifted fat and make it possible for the fat to survive.

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