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No-Cutting Abdominal Tightening (J-Plasma)

Abdominal correction combined with liposuction and External Skin tightening:

A minimal or non- invasive abdominal tightening is a new type of combined procedure which melts the fat with Ultrasound (Vaserlipo®)) and tightens the skin with a helium cooled, low temperature radiofrequency (Plasma) application (Renuvion®). It’s done to eliminate the skin laxity and reduce excess fat around the waist or sagging upper arms without or with minimal cutting. These procedures are done only in younger patients and in early stages of weight gaining. As with any procedure, performed with an energy device, individual results may differ. The surgeons report that most of the contraction effect is noticeable immediately after the procedure. The effect of the treatment may continue to tighten the skin during the following 6-10 weeks, postoperative.


If your skin laxity and muscle weakness problems are limited to the area below the belly button, you may be a good candidate for a no-cutting-abdomen. This is a surgery with a short or minimal scar with faster healing time (shorter down time). Also the belly button will not be removed during this procedure. The scars of the mini-tummy tuck are permanent but definetly much shorter than the standard abdominoplaty.


This technique solves the problems of only the lower abdomen and usually performed in younger women who develop a skin excess or bulging problem after pregnancy and delivery. 

After the J Plasma treatment the skin will be more elastic and tightens itself during the following 2-3 months following the surgery.

(Make a pinch test for yourself).

Early Cases without Cutting 
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