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The chin has an important role in establishing facial symmetry and aesthetics. The chin and the nose are the two balancing masses of the face. These two organs are the only single parts of the face and all the other elements of the face are double. An aesthetically and visually pleasing chin provides balance to the face. As a prominent structure of the face, it affects the general appearance of other facial structures such as the nose, neck and mandible.


During the history a prominent chin as long as it is proportional conveys the sense of power, strength and decisive personality. On the other hand, a small chin may convey assign of weakness. All the successful leaders, scientists and personalities are believed to have large chins such as Barrack Obama, Bill Clinton, Angela Merkel, Angelina Jolie, Steve Jobs, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, John Travolta, Bruce Willis etc. Is this a coincidence?


Since the size of chin is hereditary just like nose, there are families that have small chins just like families with big noses. A chin enlargement will make a large nose look smaller. In some societies a big chin is associated with men and a small chin with women. In old days a big chin was the symbol of power, self-assurance and authority. Small chin was described as spiritual weakness and instability. However, all of these old beliefs are incorrect.


Our jaw is getting smaller, because we bite the food less than before.
In the past, bones taken from the rib were used to enlarge the chin and recovery took months. Today, chin is enlarged by means of filling materials and implants in a matter of few minutes and the downtime is very short.

French say that male face exists out of edges and female face out of curves
illing materials have short and long-lasting results. When a patient comes to our office, first a short-lasting filling material will be injected, and if the patient is happy with the appearance, later on chin is enlarged with a permanent filling material during a later visit. A new filling material containing organic lime and coral (Calcium particles) lasts 2-3 years. Injectable chin fillers containing artificial bone cement (Acryl) widely used in Brazil are lasting for a much longer time period.

Enlargement of chin with fat injection

Fat taken from the patients own body is placed into syringes and injected into the chin (and cheeks). Fat harvesting and fat filling can be realized in the clinic under local anesthesia. Success is observed immediately and patient can leave clinic after few hours of rest.

Chin implants
It is an easy application. An experienced doctor can complete the surgery in 20-30 minutes. It requires a small incision under the chin. Swelling and bruising diminishes after few days. Today, implants are made of a harmless material with FDA approval called ‘silicate’ which is a safe derivation of the breast implant material silicone. If the patient is against the artificial materials, the facial surgeon takes the skin removed during a face lift operation and form it like a chin implant and inserts it into the chin which behaves like an autologous (body’s own material) prosthesis. Surgical incision made during a chin implant insertion lays under the chin and cannot be seen easily from outside.

Enlargement of the chin with an implant is an easy procedure and will change the whole profile of your face. According to some psychiatrists your self-confidence will increase and you will feel well.


You cannot see your face laterally and you cannot distinguish how much your chin remains behind and how small it is. Today chin can be enlarged successfully with or without any surgery with a very short downtime.

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