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A buried (Hidden) penis, although normal-sized, gets hidden under the skin or fat.

       Buried penis is a condition where the penis is hidden by abdominal or suprapubic fat. In adult men, buried penis occurs as an acquired condition most commonly caused by morbid obesity.

       The procedure involves injecting a certain amount of fat diluting local anesthesia to the fatty tissue and making a small incision on both sides of the groin area. A small "Saylan" cannula specially designed for this purpose is then inserted to remove extra fat from the pubis.

         Nowadays following the liposuction, I tighten the skin with a JPlasma which will improve the result tremendously. Once the ideal amount of fat is removed  and the skin is tightened , the stitches are closed with sutures. A foam dressing has to be carried for three days to avoid the swelling. İn some cases the scrotum can be swollen. For this reason I advise to the patient to carry a scrotal suspensorium for a week.  Patients can look forward to a slimmed-down, optimized appearance after 8-10 days. 


      Pubic Liposuction combined with Jplasma is a gentle procedure that requires minimal recovery/downtime. Most patients can resume everyday practices within approximately two weeks after surgery:

  • Patients need to make sure that they get plenty of bed rest

  • Refrain from intense physical activity following the surgical procedure

  • Two to three days after the cosmetic surgery, you can perform light physical activity and exercise with a scrotal suspensorium. 


      A buried penis is a normal sized penis that either appears short or is hidden from view by abdominal or suprapubic skin or fat. 

      Most common in infants and toddlers, it can occur in males of any age. The condition can be caused by abnormalities in the penis's ligaments, obesity or swelling around the scrotum. Buried penis can lead to physical and psychological problems. Treatment for the condition is usually surgical.

·       Suction lipectomy, combined with skin tightening is an optimal solution. It might be swollen for few weeks. This not a forgotten fat tissue. It is the tissue water which will diminish generally by itself.

Skin excision

In some cases if a larger amount of skin is left behind a direct skin excision following the surgery might be necessary.

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