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Abdominal Wall Repair with a Titanium Mesh 

       First time in the UAE, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ziya Saylan is performing a Titanium Mesh to flatten and strength the Abdominal wall during his Tummy Tuck Surgeries. 

       He has found out that this procedure flattens the abdominal wall. The titanium mesh strengths the muscle combined with liposuction and skin resection. The results are very satisfactory.

       Abdominal wall (Muscle) repair combined with a Titanium Mesh (TIMESH) support is a reliable method to eliminate an abdominal wall weakness for the female patients after giving multiple births. This technique is FDA approved and has been used by me in Germany successfully for 20 years to repair the abdominal wall and now for aesthetic belly tightening.

        Titanium mesh usage and proper fixation reduces the anterior projection of the abdomen. In our study the reoccurrence rate is less than 6%. The mesh migration is reduced by the fixation, chronic pain, infection and seroma formation is not more than the abdominoplasties done without mesh application. The greatest side effect of the mesh implantation is the local tenderness which disappears after few months. The development of a titanium mesh for abdominal wall repair must be considered as a better solution but it must be researched further.  


       The position and amount of the Timesh implant is also important because different stresses and pressure result in different parts of the body. Onlay implantation is when the mesh is placed between the subcutaneous tissue and the anterior rectus sheath. The mesh is secured to the edges of the defect, creating a bridge to close the hole.


       Implanting a mesh requires the use of a fixation device/material to secure it on the defect or the weak muscle. There are three options for mesh implantation: tissue glue, tacks, and sutures.


       According to Dr. Ziya Saylan a surgical repair of a ventral hernia and abdominoplasty supported with Timesh can be also combined.

Dr. Ziya Saylan, February 2023

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